freedom to BE freedom to DO freedom to HAVE freedom to LIVE freedom to GIVE freedom to RECEIVE

“One of the greatest challenges in life is being yourself in a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else. You don’t have to settle! It’s simply a choice you make every day,” Shannon says.

Her life looked perfect from the outside – great career, family, house, etc – but inside she was an empty shell. A marriage in trouble and no personal growth plan in place, Shannon struggled to survive each day.

When the pain of remaining the same became greater than the pain of change, she realized that the first step to living the life she wanted meant leaving the life she didn’t want. This lead her to the decision to end her marriage and begin her journey of self discovery “When we let go of what is no longer serving and supporting us, we will make room for what will. And like the caterpillar climbing out of its cocoon, it is a worthwhile trip”.

Shannon transformed into a butterfly, after struggling through the painful stages and has now stepped fully and completely into her new self. Through her own personal experiences, she’s now able to help others break the mould of conformity and discover their own flight patterns . “It serves no one for you to hold back and not bring to the world all that you have to offer” she says.

Freedom to Be, Do, Have, Live, Give, Receive – this is Shannon Tobin’s life purpose. Not only is she living it, but now she’s committed to teaching others how to do the same in her recently published book: TRANSFORMATION

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