Shannon gives best workshops ever! No matter who you are, you will get something from her speaches. They are powerful, meaningful, and full-of-life!! She relates to everyone, and she literally believes in everyone — you can feel her energy and love! Shannon definitely makes your time worthwhile!! It’s not what you might gain if you come, but it’s what you will lose out on if you don’t!

Eugenie Lau

For me personally there were many topics that Shannon spoke on that I needed to hear. Giving myself permission to have the courage to make change and to confront my fears and face them. I left this Seminar totally dancing to the beat of different drum. Felt so alive and totally on fire for God and his work in my life. Shannon thank you so much you have no idea how much you touched my life and I truly believe that God reached me through you. God bless I am still working on my Purpose Statement as this was a very intense and in-depth and I need to really work on this. Finding that I have many aspects to determine my Purpose Statement to become more powerfully Purpose Driven.
Living your life with God
Living your life with Love
Living your life with Courage
Living your life with Motivation
I could keep coming up with suggestions but you could do a whole series on Living with….

Cindy Gale

All I can say is how blessed I felt that morning of making the decision to attend your workshop. To see and have you, (my coach) show me that there is ways to step over the line of my comfort zone and that as long as I follow God’s path I can keep on serving people with gratitude and always with purpose driven. This will make you to keep going even when adversity shows up in your life. Thanks Shannon for an amazing morning that truly change my vision in life and in my business.

Daniela Ferreira

I found the entire workshop to be incredibly motivating and inspiring. I found that the energy in the room was strongly uplifting, and I believe that makes a difference within anyone in attendance in some manner. I personally was reminded that we have the power within ourselves to make whatever we want out of our lives. If only we can just “get over ourselves” and not care what others think. Give up your fears so that you can be successful. It is a concept that takes 5 minutes to learn, but sometimes a lifetime to master! Investing in oneself is the best medicine for the mind and the soul in my eyes. Attending this event opened my eyes to several things. First of all, I was reminded of the abilities and willingness inside of me to overcome any obstacle that is thrown my way. It is so important to live your life with purpose and passion, as these are the things that will truly make is happy. More importantly, when you live with purpose, you are teaching your children to do the same. What better lesson can we teach our own kids than to reach for their biggest goals and dreams!

Ariadna Randall

I have been the service industry for the better part of my career, and have attended numerous seminars; Shannon’s seminar has helped to channel my strengths and passions together so that I can realize what sort of legacy I will have left on this world that we live.

Mike Summerfield

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